St. Michael’s of the Arc Angel
Streator Il.

Design | Lead

Worked with students to design a park using contemporary design principles
Project Lead for design, presentation, cost estimation and construction
Created a dynamic presentation of the project and Adventure Playgrounds for the playground committee to use in fund-raising and building support.
Developed user-friendly plans for the building of the park by non-professional volunteers.

Chris Gent | Landscape Studio

Client: St. Michael’s of the Arc Angel School
Date: November 2013 to June 2014
Budget: $ 15,000
Design Firm: CG|LS

Working with the 6th and 8th grade computer and technology classes CG|LS taught the students about the design process and helped them explore ideas for developing the parking area and lot north of the school for play. Inspired by the students’ designs, the school and parents continue to work with CG|LS on an innovative new nature play park featuring the use of sticks, branches, scraps of lumber and other natural elements.