Field of Flowers

Our mission is not just about designing spaces – it is about making a difference for the people that use them.
We approach each design as a process, beginning with listening and building a relationship based on respect
and trust, engaging our clients in an in-depth discussion to understand their vision, challenges, and budgetary considerations.

We study the site and the surroundings to grasp natural systems, existing patterns of use and cultural influences.
By integrating the knowledge of our client's vision and the comprehensive understanding of the site, we strive
to develop solutions that fit the way people live, work, and play.

The final result engages people in the environment, creating a sense of place which, in turn, contributes to a sustainable and economically thriving place. We believe in being an active participant in our communities and
are committed to active healthy living, continually exploring and creating better places.

All of us at CG|LS, from our earliest memories as children, have loved the places we’ve inhabited and have worked each day to continually make them better.