Urban Residence
2012 IL-ASLA Honor Award
Chicago, IL.

Design | Lead

Project Lead for design, presentation, cost estimation and construction

Chris Gent | Landscape Studio

Client: Private Residence
Date: 2001 – 2012
Budget: $ 30,000
Design Firm: CG|LS

Over the past several years CG|LS has worked with the client on the phased design and construction of this urban retreat. The clients’ goal was the implementation of an engaging garden that provided privacy, space to entertain, and a retreat from the hectic urban environment.

The yard is divided into three zones: entertainment, privacy, and garden. A simple palette of bluestone, limestone, and cedar is incorporated to unify the zones. The entertainment area, located off the back porch, is defined by two ponds and lush landscape. A custom cedar-slate fence with a trellis canopy provides privacy and shade. Integrated lighting provides a nighttime accent.

The ponds are home to goldfish and frogs, and support a variety of colorful Water Lilies, Iris, and other aquatic plants. A mix of perennials, and ornamental grasses attract butterflies and bees, and provide year-round seasonal interest. A dense Birch grove under planted with a variety of Sedges and ephemeral native spring flowers separates the patio from the alley.