Lurie Garden
Millennium Park Garden Path Renovation Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events
Chicago, IL.

Design | Lead

Researched, designed and supervised installation of a superior, sustainable, alternative paving surface

Chris Gent | Landscape Studio

Client: Millennium Park Inc.
Date: 2011
Budget: $ 40,000
Design Firm: CG|LS, DCASE

Opened in 2004, the original paths through the Lurie Garden were composed of compacted decomposed stone. Within five years the paths had eroded and were no longer universally accessible. After several experiments of adding a stabilizer to the stone, Millennium Park looked for other options. Whatever was installed had to meet strict ADA standards, complement the style of the garden, and be as environmentally sensitive as possible.

CG|LS found the ideal product in the re-use of scraps from granite top counters. The manufacturer had been using them as pavers or as a thin wall veneer. CG|LS worked with the manufacturer to develop a 9” long, 1 ¼” wide 4” deep paver that would provide ADA access, be in keeping with the contemporary design of the garden and was 100% recyclable.