Chicago, IL.

Design | Lead

Project Lead for design, presentation, cost estimation and construction

Chris Gent | Landscape Studio

Client: Rhapsody Restaurant
Date: 2012
Budget: $ 250,000 - $ 500,000
Design Firm: CG|LS, City Escape

The restaurateur wished to re-image the restaurant’s interior and exterior. The three major concerns to be addressed were: rodents, water infiltration and separation of restaurant and public spaces. By reversing the grade so the water flowed away from the restaurant the grade difference between the outdoor dining area and the public space was enhanced, creating an intimate dining experience.

Large shade trees were planted to help buffer the site from the noisy elevated train. Covering the site in permeable pavers prevented rodents from burrowing in the ground. The proposed south wall that separates the restaurant from an adjacent surface parking lot created an opportunity for a visual feature such as a water wall or mosaic tile mural.